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Turn Cracks in Concrete Floors into Assets

Cracks in concrete don’t necessarily mean your chances for a beautiful concrete floor are lost. As long as the cracks are not creating structural problems, they can actually be an asset to your design and add to the character and rustic nature of your floor. Just take a look at these ideas for how to incorporate cracks into an appealing concrete floor design.

Blue residential concrete floor
  • Give them a dye job

    Minor cracks and pits can be darkened with applications of stain or dye for a marble-like veined look. On this floor, the cracks were filled with a white-tinted filler to absorb even more color and make the cracks more visible.

Colored Concrete Floor
  • Disguise with sawcuts

    It's possible to work existing cracks into your floor design through sawcuts. One way to do this is to have your contractor cut joints into the concrete that follow existing crack lines, turning cracks into a purposeful pattern. See how cracks were worked into the design of this previously carpeted residential floor.

Colored Concrete Floor
  • Blend in patterns

    Minor cracks in a concrete floor are less likely to be noticed when you detract from their appearance using pattern and color. An easy way to mask cracks is to "weave" them into a stencil pattern applied to the floor. Learn more about using decorative stencils.

Colored Concrete Floor
  • Let them be your guide

    Let the cracks in your floor guide your design. Their random patterning and depth can add natural detail and create a rustic, fractured look. Your contractor can even accentuate your decorative crack pattern by airbrushing the cracks with color.

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